Hard Drive Repair Program

Synergy has licensed OEM technology for HDD repair and is offering the new service to all our vendors. As long as the HDD spins up and communicates it achieves 75% repair rate. The repair process is a more time and labor intensive process and does have additional costs but it will still give our vendors the ability to increase their yield and revenue on their HDD streams rather than just obtaining scrap value for defective units. If you choose to participate in this program there are three options:

1) We process your HDD order and you are notified of any defectives upon completion of the order. We then attempt repair on any defective units. Payment will be remitted for any successfully repaired drives at the offer price minus the repair charge. The remainder of the defectives that were unable to be repaired can either be prepared for shipment back to you or offered a scrap price.

2) We process your order and you are notified of any defectives upon completion of the order. We ship defective HDD back to you. You ship us known defective drives and we attempt repair. We repair and either ship you the HDD back or pay you our offer price minus repair charge.

3) You ship us a load of untested or known defective hard drives. We attempt repair on all, and can either bill for the repair service and ship HDD back or remit payment for HDD minus repair charge.

One of the great benefits to this program is that if the HDD cannot be repaired it costs you nothing! You are only charged if the HDD is successfully repaired.
Our repair chargers are shown below, let me know if this is something you are interested in.  To enroll in our Hard Drive Repair Program Contact Us today!